Infinite Adventures: A New Game & A Better Story (Kickstarter Too)

So the other game I had been working on crashed and burned harder than a spaceship flown by lobotomized chimpanzees (because we all know un-lobotomized primates would harness 98.34% of the sun’s energy and conquer us all, given enough time). (I, for one, welcome our new plasma-hearted hairy ape warrior overloads.) Anyway I ejected with a rocket propelled booster seat and have wound up working on another game called Infinite Adventures. It’s on Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, and oh yeah there’s a Kickass Demo as well (for Mac/Windows & In-Browser).


Eyeless child-eating bats were my idea. You’re welcome.

This is a miracle to me. See, I have a long list of failures racked up under my belt, notched in my bedpost, whatever. So having the opportunity to work on another game immediately after abandoning ship is a huge deal to me. Over a hear and a half ago I met with Trey, an ex Riot Games guy that just happened to email the now dead The Game Effect, a game review website I used to write for. So I messaged him back, grabbed a beer with him, and then didn’t hear anything for over 500 days. In that time I blew an awesome shot to have my book published, moved across the state, blew more shots at having a game funded, and switched through a few jobs (one of which never paid me…..).

Life is freaking weird. My mental state looks like a seismograph printout after Godzilla shit out a partially digested clone of itself from the 1998 Mathew Broderick clusterfuck. But yeah, I feel like I’ve kept it relatively together. Forcing words to go together in ways that only I can makes me happy. I don’t believe we have predetermined things we are supposed to do, in fact, I highly doubt that anything has meaning. Our hopes, dreams and loves are all just horribly distorted perceptions induced by a convergence of random wavelengths permeating known existence. Bleak as that sounds, it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun on my metaphorical surfboard riding this fucker out. So grab some koolaid or a beer and throw one back for me, for you, maybe for some of the fall leaves, too.

Oh yeah I was writing about the game! Silly me. Did I mention my girlfriend is probably one of the smartest most conceptually intricate humans I’ve ever come into contact with? Oh, that’s straying from the subject too. THE GAME: I’ll be helping out with the narrative and some creative design (see the aforementioned child-skull munching echo-locating mammals in the image above). I’m super stoked to be able to craft some killer JRPG dialogue and missions and stuff. The game will have 30 levels and some shit is gonna go down. I talking baby smashing minotaurs and eyes dislocated from their sockets. If you like video games, you know, play the demo and stuff. I’m gonna kill this post now. Hiyaaaah!

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