Current Projects

If you happened to stumble across this post, website, or accidentally clicked on an image from google and ended up here, welcome! I’ve done a bit of a content/site redesign to streamline things a bit more, so go take a peek if so inclined. For reasons that are beyond me, I’ve decided to list all the stuff I’m writing, like it even matters, right? Anyway, here it goes.

At Eternity’s Gate: “Whoa, wait a second,” you say. “Wasn’t that book supposed to be done forever ago?” Yeah, you’re totally–shut up. I know, believe me. I’ve rewritten large sections and have been editing the shiznit out of each chapter, sentence, character interaction, you know, what makes the book good. Like Frieza getting totally owned by Trunks, things are bloody right now. Bloody fricken awesome.

Shout Out: to Chad, for reviewing (the now old) first three chapters on Goodreads. Feel free to pitch in over there if you take a gander yourself.


Minotaur Candy (WIP Title) 

I love Haruki Murakami’s work. This is my bizarre, transcosmic love letter to him. Exploring the fissures hiding in our mundane reality is one of my favorite pastimes, and this investigation will be, for lack of a better word, comprehensive. Also, there’s a Popsicle Man.


Sapphire Breach (WIP Title) 

Ever want to see the eviscerated metaphysical boundary inexorably tied to our own meat existence? Spoiler alert: there are lances and coral infested amphibians. This is my first shot at something fantasy-ish. I love it so far.


I love you, Jean Giraud.


So was this post pointless? Probably. Will I be posting any new stuff online soon? Maybe. I have a feeling very few people out there in the great expanse of creation care at all about any of this. But if one of you brave, fearless few come across my words remember: I’m down in a foul smelling pit, sharpening my sword. Not for you, but for the version of you that hunts me in the dark.

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