Random Late Night Update

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When life comes at you like an antediluvian blood-thirsty invertebrate follow Captain Nemo’s lead: grab yourself a tomahawk. Growing a beard or drawing one on your hairless face might also help you out.

The Texas road trip clocked in at just over 3,000 miles. Roughly three cases of craft beer were consumed and seven miles of river were kayaked/tubed down. Nine thunderstorms were braved and one wild boar peed on our tent. One concert was attended with two bands you may like: Yellow Ostrich & Alex Napping. Much laughter was had and even more mold spores were spread throughout the battered fabric interior of my Honda Civic. I was also subjected to BioShock style plasmid experimentation in Pedernales Falls State Park. My bee powers are slowly blossoming.photo (10)

Back on the ranch At Eternity’s Gate continues to be mercilessly edited. Fifty-two unnamed heroes were slashed from existence, or really, just integrated with another group. A transformation of one character’s helmet has taken place, from a typical sci-fi space pilot helmet to that of a smooth and sleek killer whale head, and every scene involving this character now has to be adjusted. Oh, the things we do for the sake of mystery and seemingly illogical badassery. There are roughly eighty pages left to be edited/rewritten before, you know, I read through the thing again and jam my frantically anxious surgeon fingers into its guts. Read More…

Road Trip: Austin, Texas

Look out Mr. Herbert on the road.

Look out for Mr. Herbert on the road.

It’s my 111th  26th birthday on Monday and for the next week I’ll be driving down through the Yellow King’s country into the Lone Star State. We’ll be scouting out Austin to determine its worth as a habitat in the future. While in and  around the city our activities will include:

  • Camping
  • 17 hour drive (one way)
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Kayaking/tubing
  • Art Stuff
  • Watching the Yellow Ostrich play at Stubb’s
  • Drinking

photo (8)If I find some time I may whip up a post about writing while traveling, something I don’t do well and have allergic reactions to. I’ll be jotting down notes on At Eternity’s Gate (free download btw) and potential character convos in my tiny lion notebook. There is some weird shit in there, including but not limited to:

  • Memories displayed in a dust storm
  • Michael Crichton’s Sphere if the sphere hunted you
  • Upside down platypus in a dumpster with a stack of pancakes on its head

Hopefully more pulitzer prize winning material will appear in it over the next few days. Happy monster slaying and dream-crafting to you all, stay tuned for more action here.

Editing with Physical Copy vs. Word Processors: A Battle of Swords & Lasers

Laser vs swordLasers: A laser is weightless and has no recoil. It’s just a bunch of excited photons all having a party as they beam straight toward your eyeball while your older brother has you pinned to the refrigerator. They’re super fun to use because they go pew pew pew and make pretty colors while severing limbs, incinerating three-legged kittens and blowing up planets. But after you’ve used ‘em for a while it can leave you feeling kinda empty, like you want some heft and recoil, real life feedback. I find that using word processors is about the same as wielding a proper sci-fi laser gun. Yeah, of course it’s awesome but relying solely on coherently phased monochromatic light may not be the best way to gear up for your editing assault. Read More…

Attack on House Fly: Adopting Heroic Anime Traits to Conquer Your Life

Attack on House FlyI’m going to go ahead and address you as the cowardly pillow humping anime fan that you, myself and purveyors of Japanese cartoons are often depicted as. Despite anime exuding badassery on every conceivable front, consumers of anime have almost the opposite reputation. We’re overweight, socially traumatized, asthmatic and have awkward masturbation rituals. Basically, we’re all afraid to get in the fucking robot.

Clearly not all of us fit into any of those categories, and it’s really quite the opposite. Anime can instill in us (yes, even in the pillow humpers) the traits of all our heroes and 2-D friends.  Read More…

At Eternity’s Gate Chapters 1-3 Ready For Download

Occulus Drip






At Eternity’s Gate (1-3) PDF


Ah, the hour has arrived. At Eternity’s Gate is the first book in a trilogy called Singularity Playtime. I’ve been physically writing and editing the book for over a year and a half and have been thinking about it for the last seven years. You can head on over to the book page for more information about the novel and another download link as I’m going to spend some time here talking about where the book has been and how it’s coming along.  Read More…

Official Site Launch!

Time for head movies

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have content ready for the site. Let’s just say it took longer than I intended, and I’ll most definitely be cashing in this nap time card tomorrow. I plan on posting at least once a week in either the form of random shit, book updates or maybe even a proper article once in a while. I’ll probably run  my mouth off about writing, video games, space exploration and anime as these topics are usually engaged in a fierce weaponized version of bumper cars up in my imaginatorium. Side note: weaponized bumper cars is a fantastic idea. Only medieval instruments of death are allowed. I imagine the end result would look like this.

Anyway I’ve got a lot to look forward to on this site and I hope the same holds true for yourself. If all goes according to plan I’ll be posting my full novel on this site, At Eternity’s Gate, maybe under the option of pay what you want. That’s right ladies and exobiotic parasitic lifeforms, you may very well be able to enter in any number between $0.00-$1 trillion dollars and receive a fantastically crafted work of science fiction. Let’s hope for the best. After Eternity’s Gate comes out there are two more books in the series and that’s far from the end of stories I have to tell. Until then enjoy whatever surfaces on the site and check out the first two official posts.

1. At Eternity’s Gate Chapters 1-3 are ready for download. I know, try not to shit your pants with excitement.

2. Attack on House Fly: Adopting Heroic Anime Personality Traits to Conquer Your Life

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