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The Flood: Host Physiology & Communication Report (Download)

a66c8964-aff4-4b7e-93a4-998975bce61eMany moons ago I stayed up for three weeks straight feverishly writing and researching into the early morning. Layer names and Photoshop brush presets were scrawled on napkins strewn about empty Monster cans. It was the first time I struggled with a deadline, one I made up for myself. The project was a fictional report/short story/research paper based in the Halo universe, one studying the communication abilities of the violent exogalactic life form known as The Flood. The Flood: Host Physiology & Communication Report. I wanted it to come out on Halo’s big anniversary, and I pulled it off, just barely though.

The Flood report was definitely the most experimental thing I’ve ever written, since I basically intertwined a story into the introduction, methods, results and discussion sections of a futuristic, desperately written journal paper. All the nuero psych I learned over a four year college degree was poured into it, and to date this report stands as my degree’s crowning achievement. It felt awesome to be so engrossed night after night in the same fictional lore and the story eventually revealed itself to me, shining in the night like a interstellar research vessel undergoing stage 14 core meltdown on a collision course with a binary star system. Imagining the people screaming on board, and why they were screaming was a true blast. I also got to manipulate a picture of my German Sheppard in infrared as an extraterrestrial parasite bore into his spine and tunneled out his mouth. R.I.P. Max.

Anyway I”ve put it up on my Download page, so check it out if you want to see some crazy sci fi graphics and read up about flesh mutating viruses and parasites and what not.