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Current Projects

If you happened to stumble across this post, website, or accidentally clicked on an image from google and ended up here, welcome! I’ve done a bit of a content/site redesign to streamline things a bit more, so go take a peek if so inclined. For reasons that are beyond me, I’ve decided to list all the stuff I’m writing, like it even matters, right? Anyway, here it goes.

At Eternity’s Gate: “Whoa, wait a second,” you say. “Wasn’t that book supposed to be done forever ago?” Yeah, you’re totally–shut up. I know, believe me. I’ve rewritten large sections and have been editing the shiznit out of each chapter, sentence, character interaction, you know, what makes the book good. Like Frieza getting totally owned by Trunks, things are bloody right now. Bloody fricken awesome.

Shout Out: to Chad, for reviewing (the now old) first three chapters on Goodreads. Feel free to pitch in over there if you take a gander yourself.


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Infinite Adventures: A New Game & A Better Story (Kickstarter Too)

So the other game I had been working on crashed and burned harder than a spaceship flown by lobotomized chimpanzees (because we all know un-lobotomized primates would harness 98.34% of the sun’s energy and conquer us all, given enough time). (I, for one, welcome our new plasma-hearted hairy ape warrior overloads.) Anyway I ejected with a rocket propelled booster seat and have wound up working on another game called Infinite Adventures. It’s on Kickstarter, Steam Greenlight, and oh yeah there’s a Kickass Demo as well (for Mac/Windows & In-Browser).


Eyeless child-eating bats were my idea. You’re welcome.

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Punch Party Playlist: What My Characters Listen To

Shelby's bro knows all about Punch Party

Shelby’s bro knows all about Punch Party

Not everyone listens to music while they write, but bands, songs and albums often make their way into books and stories anyway. At Eternity’s Gate doesn’t really reference specific songs all too much, but music does affect the characters, specifically a young girl named Allie (or Al-Pal, or Lord Bookworm). I imagined what would be in her playlist and whipped it up on Spotify in no time flat. I may be guilty of writer’s bias here, as all the songs are from bands I listen to, but I’m sure Lord Bookworm would rock out to them anyway. Spotify Link. Youtube Link (ads suck and it’s missing a song).

Serious Time: Songs and Suicide Prevention

There’s been a lot of talk about suicide on the net this week, and instead of piling more words on top of the already well crafted articles out there, I figured I’d point people in the direction of some songs. Anthony Green, front man for Circa Survive, has released two tracks on bandcamp under the title Prevention Songs. You can download them for free, but if you buy them 100% of the profit will go to the American association for suicide prevention.

Hold your friends close.