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Novelist//Game Writer//Podcast Editor-Maker

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Twitter: @ScratchyBananas

Welcome to my works! I break them down by category below:






Infinite Adventures: Contract Writer

Steam Page

This is a JRPG inspired Dungeon crawler I have worked on for the last few years. My main contributions were in writing and audio engineering, but I also helped with some creative design (NPCs, enemies) and helped show the game at three conventions (ECGC, MomoCon, PAX East 2018) and acted as a playtester – you know, the whole indie developer many-hatted octopus thing.

Responsibilities Include:

Writing – Lore, All Side Quests, Main Quests, Dialogue, Item and Various Description Writing. This was my main focus on the project.

Audio Engineering – processed, damage-controlled, and edited all 40,000 spoken words of dialogue into the game from over 40 voice actors. (My 2+ years of podcast editing/producing came in handy here.)


HALO Fan Project for The Game Effect (Now Dead)

This was a fictional research paper/short story based in the Halo universe that I wrote for Halo’s 10th birthday. It was posted on The Game Effect (now unfortunately no longer online) and the Bungie.net forums (where it received a fair amount of praise).

About – it was an experimental project which showed that the Flood collective of exogalactic parasites communicated with quantumly entangled neurons. It centered on the relationship between the principal researcher, his childhood dog, and an A.I. throughout the study – and the Addendum.

Warning: this features awful graphic design on my part and probably contains typos – this was made almost ten years ago and I don’t have any original files to edit. While this contains way too much on the science part of the report, I still find the narrative bits and ideas and display of research methods a good example my narrative prowess.

PDF File: The Flood Host Physiology and Communication 






The Tide Will Erase All

TOR Publishing: Full Manuscript Considered for Publication (Two Editors – Diana Pho, Claire Eddy)

This is by far what I would consider to be my “best work” to date, despite it not being published. It is the most personal and character-driven fiction I’ve attempted to write. I’ve worked on it for the last 5-6 years and plan on publishing it in late summer of this year. The novel is narrated by an eleven-year-old girl during a complete astrophysical meltdown and follows her friends, an astronomer, and the surreal phenomenon which infects their hearts along with all conceivable worlds.

I could talk about it for hours. Below you can find the first three chapters which showcase the kind of stories and characters I am trying to write; strange, true, and violently wonderful.

PDF File: The Tide Will Erase All 1-3








This is a wet blend of fantasy and scifi that takes place in a higher plane’d reality on a forgotten spit of aquatic moon called the Ladle, and is narrated by a (human) royal executioner, a hulking hexepdal exonet nerd, and a several billion-year-old bipedal moth. Still with me? Yeah, I’m still working on the pitch (laughs to himself). Anyway – the visual aesthetic of the novel is inspired by the ruinous landscape of Hyper Light Drifter, the works of Moebius, and our own plastic encumbered oceans and resource depletion. It features major world-building, inter-dimensional action, and a hyper-stylized (hopefully) eye cutting environment filled with incredible leviathans and ecosystems affected by greed from all conscious entities. Yes, you and me included.

Here is the first chapter as narrated by Selluin – the only human in the novel.

PDF File: Juturnacene Chapter 1








The Great Chameleon War

This is a forthcoming audio drama I am in the process of writing and producing. It is a surreal narrative that blends poetry and fiction together by making them crawl in trenches plowed by the snouts of incomprehensible, 70 meter tall chameleons. Sound weird? Good. I have a draft of the transcript for episode one for you to read below – I will hopefully launch episode one at the end of April or Mid-May.

PDF File: The Great Chameleon War Ep 1