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Justin Hellstrom Portfolio

Novelist//Game Writer//Podcast Editor-Maker

Email: ephellstrom@gmail.com

Twitter: @ScratchyBananas

Welcome to my works! I break them down by category below:







Infinite Adventures: Contract Writer – Audio Editing

Released October 30th 2018 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Steam Page

This is a JRPG inspired Dungeon crawler I worked on for the last few years. My main contributions were in writing and audio engineering – but I also helped with some creative design (NPCs, enemies) and helped show the game at three conventions (ECGC, MomoCon, PAX East 2018) and acted as a playtester – you know, the whole indie developer many-hatted octopus thing.

Responsibilities Included:

Writing – Lore, All Side Quests, Late-Game Main Quests, Dialogue, All Weapon/Armor/Item flavor text, and Various Description Writing. This was my main focus on the project.

Audio Engineering – processed, damage-controlled, and edited all 40,000 spoken words of dialogue into the game from over 40 voice actors. (My 3+ years of podcast editing/producing came in handy here.)


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The Tide Will Erase All Vol. 1

This is by far what I  consider to be my “best work” to date, despite it not being published. It is the most personal and character-driven fiction I’ve attempted to write. I’ve worked on it for the last 6-7 years and am currently shopping it around some publishers and agents (it came close to publication at Tor in 2014). The novel is narrated by an eleven-year-old girl during a reality-wide astrophysical meltdown and follows her friends, an astronomer, and the surreal phenomenon that infects their hearts and all conceivable worlds.

I could talk about it for hours. Below you can find the first few chapters which showcase the kind of stories and characters I am trying to write; strange, true, and violently wonderful.

The Tide Will Erase All Vol 1-Ch 1


Audio Drama

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The Great Chameleon War

This is a forthcoming audio drama I am in the process of writing and producing. It is a surreal narrative that blends poetry and fiction together by making them crawl in trenches plowed by the snouts of incomprehensible, 100 foot tall chameleons. Sound weird? Good. I have a draft of the transcript for episode one for you to read below – I will hopefully launch episode one at the end of Summer 2019.

***Note: much of this will change as I turn some sentences and passages completely into sound***

PDF File: GCW_E01_Script





This is a wet blend of fantasy and scifi that takes place on a forgotten spit of aquatic moon called the Ladle. It is narrated by a (human) royal executioner, a hulking hexepdal “exonet” nerd, and a several billion-year-old bipedal moth. Still with me? Yeah, I’m still working on the pitch for this one. Anyway – the novellas are inspired by the ruinous landscape of Hyper Light Drifter, the works of Moebius, and our own plastic encumbered oceans. It features a hyper-stylized and eye cutting environment filled with incredible leviathans and ecosystems affected by greed from all conscious entities. Yes – you and me included.

***Warning – this is very draftish – but here it is at the bottom anyway***

PDF File: Juturnacene Chapter 1