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Justin Hellstrom Portfolio

Novelist//Game Writer//Podcast Editor-Maker

Email: ephellstrom@gmail.com

Twitter: @ScratchyBananas

Welcome to my works! I break them down by category below:


Infinite Adventures: Contract Writer – Audio Editing

Released October 30th 2018 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

My Writing Samples in Game: Infinite Adventures Localization Sheet

Steam Page

This is a JRPG inspired Dungeon crawler I worked on for the last few years. My main contributions were in writing and audio engineering – but I also helped with some creative design (NPCs, enemies) and helped show the game at three conventions (ECGC, MomoCon, PAX East 2018) and acted as a playtester – you know, the whole indie developer many-hatted octopus thing.

Responsibilities Included:

Writing – Lore, All Side Quests, Late-Game Main Quests, Dialogue, All Weapon/Armor/Item flavor text, and Various Description Writing. This was my main focus on the project.

Audio Engineering – processed, damage-controlled, and edited all 40,000 spoken words of dialogue into the game from over 40 voice actors. (My 3+ years of podcast editing/producing came in handy here.)


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The Tide Will Erase All Vol. 1

This is by far what I  consider to be my “best work” to date, despite it not being published. It is the most personal and character-driven fiction I’ve attempted to write. I’ve worked on it for the last 6-7 years and am currently shopping it around some publishers and agents (it came close to publication at Tor in 2014). The novel is narrated by an eleven-year-old girl during a reality-wide astrophysical meltdown and follows her friends, an astronomer, and the surreal phenomenon that infects their hearts and all conceivable worlds.

I could talk about it for hours. Below you can find the first few chapters which showcase the kind of stories and characters I am trying to write; strange, true, and violently wonderful.

The Tide Will Erase All Vol 1-Ch 1

Audio Drama

TGCW Cover With Text

The Great Chameleon War

5 Episodes launched on July 14th 2020 and has received great praise and reviews from other audio drama creators and listeners. The Great Chameleon War: a surreal audio drama podcast about reality-altering reptiles, cursed dreamscape explorers, and caustic imagination.

Welcome to the Nesting Zone: a surreal rim of jungle around Mt. Tahoma prowled by transdimensional reptiles. The Amanuensis catalogues his expedition up the volcano slope and records stories of explorers caught in the evolving dreamscape. Paleo-mythic lizard pyromancy. Blood whisper secrets. Carnivorous astronauts. Cursed poem hallucinations. Staying sane is not an option: a fiction podcast by Justin Hellstrom. Rated M for mature.




This is a wet blend of fantasy and scifi that takes place on a forgotten spit of aquatic moon called the Ladle. It is narrated by a (human) royal executioner, a hulking hexepdal “exonet” nerd, and a several billion-year-old bipedal moth. Still with me? Yeah, I’m still working on the pitch for this one. Anyway – the novellas are inspired by the ruinous landscape of Hyper Light Drifter, the works of Moebius, and our own plastic encumbered oceans. It features a hyper-stylized and eye cutting environment filled with incredible leviathans and ecosystems affected by greed from all conscious entities. Yes – you and me included.

***Warning – this is very draftish – but here it is at the bottom anyway***

PDF File: Juturnacene Chapter 1