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Owning Up to Your Character’s Faults: Aldnoah Zero

Lt. Marito

Most characters, like real people, have something wrong with them. Maybe your character cheated on their boyfriend or girlfriend, or maybe they have an irrational fear of peanuts. Some characters are just insecure and behave worse than the people they believe themselves to be, while others have full blown PTSD or want to avenge their dead partner with a full on mech-fueled genocide. Regardless of what traits define a specific character, it’s important for the writer portraying their actions and emotions to understand their flaws and misgivings. Not so you can fix all of them to create the perfect person, but make sense of them to the reader or viewer.

A great example of a fictional work that draws attention to its characters flaws is the anime Aldnoah Zero. Note: I’ll be leaving names out of this to keep the article as spoiler free as possible for those wanting to watch, but if you want to go into the show totally blind you may want to avert your eyes.  Read More…

Attack on House Fly: Adopting Heroic Anime Traits to Conquer Your Life

Attack on House FlyI’m going to go ahead and address you as the cowardly pillow humping anime fan that you, myself and purveyors of Japanese cartoons are often depicted as. Despite anime exuding badassery on every conceivable front, consumers of anime have almost the opposite reputation. We’re overweight, socially traumatized, asthmatic and have awkward masturbation rituals. Basically, we’re all afraid to get in the fucking robot.

Clearly not all of us fit into any of those categories, and it’s really quite the opposite. Anime can instill in us (yes, even in the pillow humpers) the traits of all our heroes and 2-D friends.  Read More…