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If you happened to stumble across this post, website, or accidentally clicked on an image from google and ended up here, welcome! I’ve done a bit of a content/site redesign to streamline things a bit more, so go take a peek if so inclined. For reasons that are beyond me, I’ve decided to list all the stuff I’m writing, like it even matters, right? Anyway, here it goes.

At Eternity’s Gate: “Whoa, wait a second,” you say. “Wasn’t that book supposed to be done forever ago?” Yeah, you’re totally–shut up. I know, believe me. I’ve rewritten large sections and have been editing the shiznit out of each chapter, sentence, character interaction, you know, what makes the book good. Like Frieza getting totally owned by Trunks, things are bloody right now. Bloody fricken awesome.

Shout Out: to Chad, for reviewing (the now old) first three chapters on Goodreads. Feel free to pitch in over there if you take a gander yourself.


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Cover Art

At Eternity's Gate CoverIt seems as though I may be zeroing in on the final cover art for At Eternity’s Gate. I’ve gone through several renditions to date, and each time I’ve discarded their amateur scented carcasses into the overflowing well of mediocre shit I’ve crafted over the years. That said, I think this one is looking pretty fresh. I can’t really take much credit here though. My lovely and talented girlfriend, Allie, collaged this vector by Fernando Michelotti and I used some photoshop magic (with control of the colors fully in Allie’s paint-stained hands) and it turned out better than expected. The font is High Tide and had a poster quality to it that tickled my rune-ish aesthetic. I’m not sure if I’ll make any changes from here on out, but if I do make any I’m sure it will soak up another twenty hours of my life like this one did.

I’ve also reformatted the first three chapters of At Eternity’s Gate, and inserted the new cover into the PDF. You can download that spiff jazz in the book or download section of the site, or click right here: At Eternity’s Gate 1-3.  I also fought through the night with Smashwords Style Guide. It was terrible and if equated to a medieval battle my limbs have been severed and my head is being gnawed voraciously by an overgrown saltwater crocodile lurking in the moat surrounding Smashwords’ castle. Ultimately I failed to convert my word document to Epub and Mobi files for reasons that I can’t even begin to understand. I will try again another day, after my memories are assimilated with that crocodile and I have my vengeance through the double eye-lided peepers of an ageless aquatic reptile. Chomp chomp, mother fuckers.

Also of note: My Download page is looking better. You can find At Eternity’s Gate, a desktop background and a short story there. I’ll be updating that with more stuff as it is made. I hope you enjoy the graphic I made for the page.


Serious Time: Songs and Suicide Prevention

There’s been a lot of talk about suicide on the net this week, and instead of piling more words on top of the already well crafted articles out there, I figured I’d point people in the direction of some songs. Anthony Green, front man for Circa Survive, has released two tracks on bandcamp under the title Prevention Songs. You can download them for free, but if you buy them 100% of the profit will go to the American association for suicide prevention.

Hold your friends close.

At Eternity’s Gate Chapters 1-3 Ready For Download

Occulus Drip






At Eternity’s Gate (1-3) PDF


Ah, the hour has arrived. At Eternity’s Gate is the first book in a trilogy called Singularity Playtime. I’ve been physically writing and editing the book for over a year and a half and have been thinking about it for the last seven years. You can head on over to the book page for more information about the novel and another download link as I’m going to spend some time here talking about where the book has been and how it’s coming along.  Read More…

Official Site Launch!

Time for head movies

It’s been a long time coming but I finally have content ready for the site. Let’s just say it took longer than I intended, and I’ll most definitely be cashing in this nap time card tomorrow. I plan on posting at least once a week in either the form of random shit, book updates or maybe even a proper article once in a while. I’ll probably run  my mouth off about writing, video games, space exploration and anime as these topics are usually engaged in a fierce weaponized version of bumper cars up in my imaginatorium. Side note: weaponized bumper cars is a fantastic idea. Only medieval instruments of death are allowed. I imagine the end result would look like this.

Anyway I’ve got a lot to look forward to on this site and I hope the same holds true for yourself. If all goes according to plan I’ll be posting my full novel on this site, At Eternity’s Gate, maybe under the option of pay what you want. That’s right ladies and exobiotic parasitic lifeforms, you may very well be able to enter in any number between $0.00-$1 trillion dollars and receive a fantastically crafted work of science fiction. Let’s hope for the best. After Eternity’s Gate comes out there are two more books in the series and that’s far from the end of stories I have to tell. Until then enjoy whatever surfaces on the site and check out the first two official posts.

1. At Eternity’s Gate Chapters 1-3 are ready for download. I know, try not to shit your pants with excitement.

2. Attack on House Fly: Adopting Heroic Anime Personality Traits to Conquer Your Life

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